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McCain and the Keating Five

I'm wondering why we haven't seen any ads focusing on McCain's role in the S&L crisis and the Keating investigation. Here we are in an analogous (and much worse) financial crisis, and McCain was caught influence-peddling last time around. Yet not a word of it in the news.

In theory the Democratic Party does not want to bring it up since four of the five senators censured by the Senate Ethics Committee were Dems, but those guys are not around (Cranston is dead, no one cares about DeConcini or Riegle, and Glenn is a beloved national hero) and more importantly, none of them are running for president in a time of national financial crisis. There's no reason for a 527 not to produce an ad hanging it around his head, black-and-white perp walk and all.

I really wish the Democratic Party would learn how to go on the offensive.
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