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New camera!

For a while I've wanted a camera which will be able to take telephoto shots of aircraft, wildlife, and scenery (which the baby Leica does not do), so I've been DSLR shopping. However, I still haven't decided what I want (or if I really want a DSLR at all). In the meantime I thought I'd experiment with carrying around a bigger camera again, which I haven't since my 1980s film SLR (Canon AE-1). So I picked up a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ50, which is a fixed-lens "long zoom" camera (35-420mm equivalent focal length) with a nice Leica lens.

It arrived yesterday and I took it to SFO on the way home from my dad's house. I shot about 100 pix, and it confirmed for me that it's a great camera, though possibly not quite up to the highly specific application I had in mind, though I'm still on the learning curve of finding the sweet spots in aperture/shutter speed/ISO. Haven't gone through the images yet to figure out what to post, but here's the camera itself:


It does have an eyepiece viewfinder (second LCD, not optical) which is slightly problematical with glasses, but I can just push them up and it's fine.
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